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What is a brand in marketing?

Branding is a concept that extends far beyond the marketing of “brand name” designer jeans and other products. A company's brand represents their market identity—who they are, what they do, what kind of quality they provide, their reputation for trustworthiness, and more.

What does a brand do for a company?

Branding specializes in creating and launching brands, as well as re-branding. The role of branding is to create, plan and manage branding strategies for clients, but can also involve support in terms of advertising and other forms of promotion.

A website is only part of it!

You can have the best looking website, with all kinds of bells and whistles.  However, if no one can find your website, it is all for naught.  Anyone with little, or no skills can build a simple static website nowadays.  If your website is not maximized correctly then you are losing potential customers. One of the most important parts of marketing, advertising or branding is to make sure your phone rings with potential customers who are seeking your services.  

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